Musical Instrument Rentals

Offering a wide variety of band and orchestra instrument rentals, Reynolds Music serves music makers in the Northern Twin Cities suburbs. 

Renting With Reynolds Music

Reynolds Music has been renting musical instruments since our start in 1978. With over 40 years of experience in providing all types of musical instruments, we are committed to helping students play now and for life!

Our Rental Promise

Renting with Reynolds music is as simple as it gets. Either come on by to the store or give us a call, and we will help you fill out our rental agreement form. For all of our instruments, you pay a flat fee each month, which includes the instrument, maintenance, and an insurance plan that covers damage and loss. We also regularly visit schools and participate in rental nights to provide further guidance and education on picking the perfect instrument for your student. We understand that not all instruments nor students are the same. Reynold Music only offers instruments that meet the expectation of your student, as well as their individual band and orchestra director.

Rental Prices

Being the only music store located in the Anoka/Hennepin school district, Reynolds Music offers an extensive collection of rental instruments at reasonable prices:  

  • Flute and Clarinet: $32 a month 
  • Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion and Bell Kits: $32 a month 
  • Oboe and Alto Saxophone: $54 a month 
  • Violin and Viola: $32 a month 
  • Cello: $54 a month 
  • Bass: $74 a month 


When you rent with Reynolds Music, 100% of each payment, minus the $6 maintenance fee, goes toward paying off the balance on the instrument. For the string instruments, there are no fees for moving up in size when your student is ready.

Start Playing Today!

From affordable instrument rentals to exceptional customer service, Reynolds Music has everything you need to start your music-making journey! Call us at 763-421-1062, stop by our store, or head over to our FAQ page to learn more. Also, find us on Facebook for the latest information and specials!