Music Lessons at Reynolds Music

Serving the Northern Twin Cities suburbs, Reynolds Music has been providing one-on-one, personalized lessons since 1978

About Our Music Lessons

At Reynolds Music, we believe one of the most effective ways to learn music is through one-on-one, private instruction. We take age, experience, personality, and learning style into deep consideration and tailor lessons to best suit the student. Teaching ages 10 – adult, Reynolds Music is here to help you on your musical journey.

Individual Lessons

In private lessons, your student is able to learn the type of music they truly enjoy. Our teachers provide their full attention and vast expertise to help students learn the best hand positions, posture, and understanding of a particular concept. Each of our lessons are 30 minutes long at $22 each. 

We have six talented instructors at Reynolds Music. Each are highly-skilled musicians and are equipped to offer music lessons for students, from beginners to advanced, for the following instruments: 

Young Boy Playing Piano


Whether your student wants to learn classical music or today’s top hits, our piano instructors have the ability to teach a wide variety of styles. Beginner students will start with learning the basics, such as learning the names of piano keys, reading music, and progressing from one to two hand playing. As they become more experienced, they will progress to learning advanced piano techniques, exercises and theory. 

For practice, it is ideal if you have a piano or you can use a keyboard for the beginning stages of learning.


From rock and roll to country to soft pop, our guitar teachers have the expertise to teach a variety of styles on acoustic and electric guitars. Students start out by learning the chords, simple songs and melodies, sight reading and theory. As they advance, they will be challenged with new technical concepts and will be encouraged to learn their favorite songs.

Band Instruments 

Our band instrument teachers offer lessons for a wide variety of woodwind and brass instruments. Whether your student wants more assistance outside of band class, or is just passionate about this family of instruments, our teachers have the expertise to teach a variety of styles and techniques.

Orchestra Instruments

Learning a string instrument goes far beyond just understanding how to play. It teaches discipline and improves posture and brain function. Our string teachers are experienced in all the classics, as well as modern styles. They will train your student to read music and can help them advance to play by ear.  


Learning the drums is one of the most fun challenges you can take on! They are complex instruments and take great technical expertise. Our drumming teachers will help students hone their skills, working to improve speed and comfort with each lesson.

Let’s Jam Out!

Reynolds Music offers lessons at the hours most convenient for you, Monday – Saturday. With each lesson, your beginner or advanced student will be closer to achieving their musical dreams one note at a time. Call us, stop by our store, or head to our FAQ page to learn more. Also, find us on Facebook for the latest information and specials!